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Our highly experienced software developers will quickly and efficiently implement a marketable and sustainable solution with the knowledge and experience of a perfect working team.

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Welcome to Lakeshore Operations!

Software Products are becoming more and more complex. The time to market, the stability and support for those software applications are an important factor in our daily business.

Lakeshore Operations will guarantee a very high software product quality and complete customer satisfaction within a straightforward and close collaboration.

About our Software Specialists

icon_oneDo IT with polish SW developers

Poland is increasingly becoming an attractive and global player of the information technology industry. Poland relies on the expansion of the IT sector, which has been developing for years a mainstay. Poland is the fifth spot in Europe when it comes to matters of the employment in the area of software development.

icon_twoPoland in the global ICT industry

In the last decade, Poland has become an important producer of ICT solutions, partly due to globalization of the ICT market and outsourcing of production to Asia, Mexico and Central, as well as Eastern Europe.  Poland has become specialized in consumer electronics, customized software production, electronic games, and mobile solutions.

icon_threeThe successes of Poles in programming contests

Poland is a country with very talented computer scientists and programmers. Polish computer science students regularly win international competitors such as TopCoder, Microsoft Imagine Cup, Google Code Jam and Intel Challenge.

icon_fourGo for Polish software developers now

Poland offers a great cost structure with respect to the IT-centers and has a wide access  to highly skilled software engineers. Polish software developer are ambitious, highly productive and effective. They're constantly looking for new solutions and being very innovative.

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Our Software Services

You're looking for...

Software developer, who could support you in your software projects, or attend your existing team ?

Yor're lookin for...

Support for first or second level helpdesk for your software solutions ?

You're looking for...

Software analysts, which will define together with you in your business environment new software systems and will discover potentials with the help of IT solutions ?

You're looking for...

Project Management Support for large or small scale projects in the cruise line or yard business area ?

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